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Commodity and Futures Trading API from Online Commodity Broker

API Features

Trades, Quotes, Alerts, News, Account Information, Margins, and other features in an ultra-low latency designed package. Intuitively designed with sample code to get you started. Develop in our full simulation environment to test your code and models. Co-location options available for the fastest possible executions. Get started today with access to our API Software Developer Kit (SDK)

API Co-Location

Fully fault tolerance infrastructure, N+1 or better across all systems -- electric, cooling, network, and IP transit

Fully fault tolerant connectivity to exchanges

    Direct market access at lowest latency possible

We are experts in network connectivity and in building the right infrastructure. We select our equipment for the lowest latency possible. Building the right infrastructure from the ground up for achieving ultra low latency is time consuming, expensive, and a never ending endeavor. This is where we excel and shine. We encourage you to compare the performance of whatever colocation or direct market connection you have today with us. If microseconds (or nanoseconds) mean the difference between profit or loss, we encourage you to contact us for a full review and evaluation of what we do and how we can improve your trading.

API Colocation
The Certigo API is developed with the concept of creating an ultra-low latency API. The API has tremendous functionality and features, but the core components of placing orders and getting quotes is developed and coded for optimum performance. The Certigo API in conjunction with our standard colocation services is the best of the best for algorithmic, black-box, and system traders.

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API Futures and Commodities trading from Online Commodity Broker

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